• Sous Vide Seminar 29. April 2019

    Unser Profiseminar zum innovativen Thema "Sous Vide Garen" mit dem Pionier der neuen avantgardistischen Küche Heiko Antoniewicz.
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  • Grill Workshop 20. April 2019

    Ein Tag auf dem Hof von Lucki Maurer an dem der Grill im Vordergrund steht. Gemütlich lernen und verkosten.
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  • Dessert Workshop 07. Mai 2019

    Desserts clever, einfach und günstig zu einem Highlight machen - Langnese und Better Desserts Spezialist Ümit Kulduk zeigt wie.
    Nix wie hin!

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  • Ihr Start in die digitale Welt 

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The Food Service Company

Service-Bund is a group of wholesalers who distribute a wide range of food-assortment, 

Service-Bund was founded in 1973.  Today, with numerous locations across Germany, Service-Bund supports chefs nationally and locally. Through partnerships we aim to understand your business and be able to respond to your individual and often unexpected needs:

Innovation and creative thinking is a cornerstone of our support for our customers in their day to day business. The personal Service-Bund consultants are on-hand and committed, available to the customers all day. everyday. That applies to all Service-Bund partners.  For us customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Through building our relationships, we can develop ideas hand in hand.  Not just recipe suggestions and products - but strategies for your long term success.

We embrace this challenge. We offer more than just groceries.  We advise as a partner and are always at hand.  Whether at customer workshops, at trade fairs or special events like Campus for culinary friends. Come along and join us anytime! Establishing personal relationships with our staff and customers is a priority of ours.

Short notice deliveries is a specialism of ours.  We are flexible and able to respond quickly to often unexpected needs in the spirit of hospitality.  

Every one of us plays a crucial role in the company: We build long term partnerships and share common aims and goals. With a willingness to constantly adapt and innovate, we create steady and sustainable growth.  We know that with the creative power of every single employee, we can achieve anything.

We are Service-Bund.

food-service. anytime. anywhere. 

Service-Bund sees hospitality as borderless and recognised early the need for a European wide cooperation and therefore created ECD – European Catering Distributors – together with partners in several European countries.




Regional shareholders

Warehouses nationwide

> 300Field force consultants
up to 41,000SKUs
1000Private label products
1,005 Mio. €


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